We are insurance brokers.

Milne Alexander are dynamic and forward thinking insurance brokers passionate about insurance so you don't have to be. With no job too big or small, see how we can help you.


Find the right insurance for your prized possessions including household buildings and contents, motor vehicles, caravans, rental properties and pleasure craft.


Whether you employ 10 people or 1000, are in retail or manufacturing, or found in a far remote location we find insurance for business of all walks of life.


We become an integral component to your risk management framework and cementing our position as your adviser on all matters risk related.

Workers Compensation

Let our team take care of the challenges and make sense of Workers Compensation, we help you manage your policies and obligations for Work, Health & Safety.

Insurance brokers help manage risk.

We provide more than just insurance policies. We are educators helping you to effectively manage risk in your business.

How we can help your business?

  • Increased Productivity

    Using an insurance broker saves you time by analysing your insurance needs and providing policy and claims handling support meaning that you and your employees can get onto other tasks.

  • Aware of Emerging Risks

    You’ll be educated on emerging risks as your business grows, an insurance broker will work through a strategy to reduce those risks in your business.

  • Improved Company Culture

    It’s known that businesses who manage their risks effectively will have improved company culture. Working with an insurance broker on risk can improve the overall performance of your business.

  • Rock Solid Support

    Insurance brokers are always in your corner, problem-solvers and your advocates providing you with the support you need to protect and grow your business.

Find out more about how we can help you.

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