Myths, Tips and Facts about insurance for photographers.

by Anna Heyligers on April 24, 2015

Most passionate photographers – hobbyist or professional – say their gear is everything, not only because in some cases it can make them money but their gear is just like their car, you couldn’t really live without it.

Most people can’t afford to not insure their car, right? The consequences aren’t worth it. Same goes for a photographers camera gear.

So what insurance does a photographer really need?

Camera gear, by gear we mean bodies, lenses, tripods anything you need to be a photographer really. Over time you’ve collected this gear, saved and upgraded, it’s usually a long slog so how would you feel starting from scratch. Insurance can cover your camera gear if it’s stolen, lost in a car accident, dropped riding a bike on the Harbour Bridge trying to snap that amazing sunset – so it’s important to get it right.

Myth – Cover under your Home & Contents insurance policy is good enough. Nope it’s not, if your camera is used for commercial purposes then forget it, most Home & Contents insurance policies won’t cover equipment used for what they consider business purposes.

Public Liability, yes it’s a litigious world out there and you injure a guest at a bride’s wedding you can expect to know about it. If you’re taking photos in a public place (so anywhere) for commercial purposes you should have public liability insurance to protect you if you accidentally injure someone or damage someone else’s property. Defence costs alone could send you broke.

Tip – If you’re travelling in USA or Canada on a commercial photography trip most Public Liability policies won’t provide you with cover, it’s important to declare this to your insurer before going.

Myth – It won’t happen to me I do this as a side job! Myth indeed, in the litigious nature of our country with no win-no fee lawyers you can expect that some people will try, it’s as easy as knocking over a candle in a church or an allergic reaction to a cake smash session – if you have an ABN and provide your customer with an invoice, you as a business may be deemed legally liable.

Travel insurance may not always cover your camera gear whilst you’re abroad, some policies have specific limitations for portable electronic equipment.

Tip – If you are on a commercial trip this would need to be declared and accepted upfront before you leave. You may need to consider a Corporate Travel insurance policy rather than a standard travel product purchased online.

It may be easy to find a cheap insurance policy for a photographer but like most things cheap isn’t always the best. We ask you the right questions about your hobby or professional business to ensure the policies we arrange for you are suitable for you. Looking for a quote, or maybe have a question get in touch – (02) 92794399 or enquire online here.

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Anna HeyligersMyths, Tips and Facts about insurance for photographers.

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